Cloudmind health app

Virtual patient modeling
More advanced cloudmind applications : health tracking, information and entertainment, and actualization.
With pathology resolution and enhancement applications, the daily health check could include longitudinal neural data-logging to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), which could be integrated into virtual patient modeling systems.
The personal health simulation could include different possible scenarios of how patient wellness could evolve from the simulated impact of various drugs or lifestyle choices.
The system might model any variety of responses to personal health questions, such as recommending a nootropics stack to maximize cognitive enhancement given a particular individual’s genomic profile.
Virtual patient simulations could be instantiated as a cloudmind application with a cloudmind’s full range of intelligent processing capabilities.
There could be a new concept of “virtual clinical trials” to accompany any physical-world clinical trial.Collecting data initially for medical purposes is already practical and cost effective enough to justify the effort.
There is the additional benefit of creating valuable digital health assets that might be mobilized later for many other purposes, for example, to invite participation in user-permissioned cloudmind projects.