Cloudmind information app

An IoT collaboration archipelago
Cloudmind application could be commanding Internet-of-Things (IoT) connected objects in the environment.
A submarine commander or airline pilot experiencing the ship or aircraft as an extension of their own body.
Remote workers piloting telepresence robots in the main office, where again the robot feels like an extension of the individual’s physical body.
IoT cloudminds could provide an expanded version of this: using one’s mind to control physical objects in a local or remote environment via BCI.
A security guard could command a whole building, for example. An IoT home security system could be operated remotely via BCI cloudmind.
On one hand, my being a cloudmind with my IoT objects is merely an extension and formalization of the human-machine fusing phenomenon that already occurs in intensive machine operation.
On the other hand, the functionality of cloudminding myself into a collaboration archipelago of intelligent action-taking capability with IoT-enabled smart objects is a revolutionary new kind of concept.